Occasional cakes



“A cake for every purpose and occasion”

After years of experience in the cake baking industry as a supplier, we know that cakes are a part of almost any celebration,  in our private live,  as well as in the corporate world.
Tamboja Bakery is ready to bake and create any cake you might wish for, in all sizes and shapes up to a five tier weddings cake...   

You choose your flavor and design and we will make sure that we inspire you with our baking skills.

Among our specialities is the red velvet cake, the rich chocolate cake, the vanilla cake, the fruit cake, and layer cakes with different fillings as.  blueberry, black forest, strawberry, apple and raisins, lemon curd.

We do cheese cakes and fresh fruitcakes as well...

(your choice of Vanilla, Chocolate, Red velvet)

1. 6 inch double layer cake           K 300
2. 6 inch triple layer cake              K 450
3. 8 inch double layer cake           K 450
4. 8 inch triple layer cake              K 550
5. 9 inch double layer cake           k 550
6. 9 inch triple layer cake              k 700
7. 10 inch double layer cake         k 650
8.  A4 square cake double layer    k 600

( prices are subject to change)


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