About Us

Tamboja Cake & Bake Unlimited,
is a Zambian company founded in 2015.
We started on a small scale as a supplier of baking aid for the cake bakers in Lusaka. But we soon discovered an increasing demand for our product from cake bakers, all over the country, as well for a number of other products related to baking - products for decoration and refining of all types of cakes. People were looking for a consistent supplier of these type of products and this is our commitment, and our daily challenge.
Our mission
To supply a variety of high quality, but still affordable products, for the cake baking industry in Zambia and beyond.
Our Vision
• To be the best and most consistent supplier of baking aid in Zambia.
• To excel in good customer service and give the qualified advice about our 
• To improve the standard, quality and variety of the baking culture in Zambia.
• To educate and inspire bakers to learn new skills and technics.